Naughty Secret

Who has ever had to keep a secret? 

We all have. Sometimes that secret is our own to keep and other times it is someone else’s secret.  Chances are you have several of these secrets. You know… the ones you say you will take to the grave.

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you told?


It was Saturday morning and the phone rang. I did not want to answer it. My head was banging and I still smelled of last night’s tequila shot that spilled all over my shirt.  I could barely even see the clock. From my blurred vision, it looked like 8:10AM.  Who the fuck is calling me so early? Clearly no one who knows me. I press silent without even looking at the caller ID. Thirty seconds later it rings again. Are you serious? Fuck my life. I answer. It’s my sister, Amanda. 

“Oh my God, Charly! You need to come pick me up! NOW!”

About 45 minutes I arrive at Brett’s house. OK let’s take a minute to clarify a few things. Brett is Katie’s boyfriend. Katie is Amanda’s best friend. Yup…. I now have a naught secret. At least that secret isn’t mine. 


To be continued….